Secretariat’s Descendants

Secretariat fans who own or have owned descendants of “Big Red” love to share their photos and stories.

 To better showcase this wonderful material, we are sharing it on our blog and our website.  Please continue to send your stories and pictures (with pedigree verification) to us at  We plan to use many of them at the birthday celebration at The Meadow on March 27!

Pictured to the right is our own “star” descendant – Rainaway, the great-grandson of Secretariat who lives at The Meadow.

Here’s a recent “Secretariat Descendant of the Day.”


Prince doesn’t look like the other descendants that I have seen. First and foremost is his size. He is a solid 18 hands, and secondly he is grey. His ad from CANTER listed him as handsome, full of personality, curious and NICE, NICE, NICE. How true they were. His puppy dog personality makes him very inviting for both adults timid of horses and young children. My first time on him was a year after I got him. I hadn’t ridden in 6 years and my confidence wasn’t what it was once. Also even though he had been turned out for a year and allowed to be let down he was still young and very tall. He stood like a statue at the mounting block and to this day hasn’t taken a wrong step. I had my 7 year niece on him and just due to his size she got nervous when she mounted. True to Prince’s steady personality he REFUSED to move until HE felt she was comfortable. Prince loves being pampered and being the center of attention. He is very cognizant of his environment and won’t allow himself to be led back to the barn until he knows the person closing the gates behind him has caught up as well. 

Prince has truly been a dream come true and a true example of Secretariat’s sensibility and pleasant nature. It is an honor to be a caretaker for the Secretariat legacy.


4 Responses to Secretariat’s Descendants

  1. Pamela Oest says:

    Beautiful animal….not what I expected to be kin…..I am wondering if u can help me…..the was a horse thatn was noted tonbe a descendent of Sec…the name was Victory Beauty..are you aware of such a horse? The owner was Bessie Walker from Mathews, VA

  2. Sharon Jones says:

    I purchased your book when I was at the meadow last July. It is a great book. I also read The Horse God Built. Both are such heart warming,and tender books.Horses radiate power,and Secretariat did that for sure. He was majestic as well. I feel that God made him very,very special!

    Sharon Jones

  3. Rose Smith says:

    A stable in Versailles KY was closing and we rescued 4 of their horses. One is 22 years old and I was told her name is “Secretariat’s Sister.” They are sending me the paperwork this week, but I wanted to see if anyone knows of a descendent with this name. Thank you.

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