About the Book Team



SECRETARIAT’S MEADOW BOOK TEAM announces book at Secretariat’s 40th birthday celebration at The Meadow in Doswell, VA


L to R:  Leeanne Ladin, Wayne Dementi, Kate Tweedy

Kate Chenery Tweedy grew up in Colorado admiring her grandfather’s horses on yearly visits to Virginia and New York. She learned to ride at The Meadow and later joined the family at races in New York and Saratoga Springs. A young adult in 1973, she was in a box at the Belmont with her family when Secretariat demolished the field at the Belmont Stakes to capture the Triple Crown.She has long prepared to tell the story of her remarkable grandfather and mother and their tenure at that timeless place, The Meadow. 

“ Secretariat’s Meadow – The Land, The Family and The Legend”  is her third non-fiction book. In 1992, she co-authored a legal guide for Nolo Press, Trademark: Legal Care for Your Business or Product Name. In 2000, in The Delicate Balance, she recounted a friend’s spiritual odyssey. Both books bore her married name, Kate McGrath. With a B.A. from the University of Texas, Austin, and a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, she has worked as a lawyer, a teacher and an editor for magazines and legal publishers. Kate is represented by Arnett & Associates for speaking engagements.  

 Leeanne Meadows Ladin  has been writing and riding horses all her life. She owns Free Rein Writing, which she founded on her former horse farm where she enjoyed trail riding with her Tennessee Walking Horses. She is the author of four books of regional historical interest, including the award-winning “The State Fair of Virginia – More Than A Midway,” which featured a chapter on The Meadow. Leeanne holds a B.S. in Journalism from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a member of James River Writers. 

Leeanne serves on the Storyline Committee for the future Museum of the Virginia Horse to be built at The Meadow.  When not riding or writing and reading about horses, Leeanne narrates “Secretariat’s Meadow” group tours at the historic farm, the proceeds of which benefit the equine museum.

 Wayne Dementi is president, and photographer, of Dementi Milestone Publishing, whose company has released over 30 titles since its inception in 2004. The company specializes in pictorial histories which celebrate the Richmond region.  Notable among his releases are Secretariat’s Meadow ~ The Land. The Family. The Legend, and Finding Thalhimers by Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt, and the very popular Facts and Legends of Richmond series, which reflect his collaborations with Brooks Smith and Wilson Mustian.

  He holds a B.S. degree from the University of Richmond, and an M.B.A. from Old Dominion University. He is past president of Richmond’s well-known Dementi Studio. He and his wife, Dianne, live in Goochland County.  His website is www.dementimilestonepublishing.com






1 Response to About the Book Team

  1. Steven Jordan says:

    Just found this site. My first job at track was with Lucien Laurin . Worked for him ’72 thru ’77, then for his son Roger ’79-’85. Therefore, I know Ms. Chenery, though haven’t seen her in several years, after her health problems. So thrilled to hear of your Riva Ridge project, since it was him that drew me to track, and I was his hotwalker until he left for Ky. Have several photos with him which I treasure. If you speak to Ms. Chenery, give her my best.
    Thanks again,
    Steve Jordan

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